The Experiment…. Day 4

Today’s outfit is challenging. There is no other way to describe it.

As someone wisely put it: it is as if with yesterday’s harmonious outfit, my 6-year-old wanted to prepare me for yet another surprise.

Burgundy red skirt, orange blouse, and bright red kimono jacket….The accessories do not help to tone it down: red necklace, two bracelets, a red purse and a checkered scarf. The only relief, I fear, is given my black velvet loafers. No high heels today.

I do not feel comfortable and it shows. As I drop off my daughter at kindergarten, luckily after ‘normal drop off times’, our wonderful kindergarten staff (who has been very supportive with the experiment) can tell I am not a happy camper today. Three more days to go.

Despite all, today should not be too hard, though. Work, dentist appointment and a good friend is coming over for dinner. Hey, I can always keep my apron on 🙂

I am learning a lot from this experiment and many questions go through my head.

Do I feel uncomfortable because the outfit itself is not comfortable? Or because I think it does not look good? Can someone carry an outfit well even though they do not like it? How can people wear uniforms every day? Is a suit a uniform? How do I react to random stares on the street?

It has been very educational and I know I will never again stare at someone at the bus stop.

The kind soul who helps me with chores around the house has had a smirk on her face the whole day. I know she cannot understand why I would even think about such and experiment and, let alone, allow myself to be seen like this in public. She is always put together and maybe she is right.

For the first time since Monday I am longing for my jeans and flats, as well as anonymity.

The irony of it all? My 6-year-old looks smashing today, with her two colors outfit and matching shoes. I wonder what people think when they see us walking down the street hands in hands

The Experiment…. Day 3

After I sweated my head off yesterday, I thought I would finally get busy with my usual seasonal change of clothes. Do people do that anymore? Pretty anachronistic, I know, as I constantly see people wearing cotton sweaters in winter and suede in summer. And remember when summer boots where in?

As I took out my sleeveless summer dresses I prayed not to have to wear them right away, as my skin has not seen the sun in a while. But then, I glanced at the outfit my six-year-old had chosen for today and I thought: I must have done something right! It looked perfectly put together, it was again, after all, surprising.

Now I know what you are thinking: after running around in a Kimono you think I got scared and somehow talked to my daughter? Not at all, I am going through with this, the hard way.

No explanations at all today. Still I can see a trend so far: skirts and dresses, high heels, colors and lots of accessories.

Not yet have I heard: ‘Black is very elegant’… If anything I heard: can you put nail polish on today? Why are you not wearing make up? You hair always looks the same, why don’t you change it a little?

Today I am wearing my violet stockings with pride and, thankfully enough, we are invited to a vernissage later on. So no big damage, I suppose. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Friday: big meeting, please no Kimonos…


The Experiment ..Day 2


Today I started the day with an extra portion of positive attitude, thanks to the interesting comments I received yesterday. “I can do this”: one day down, six to go. Today’s outfit, though, is challenging….A wool skirt, wool cardigan and crazy heels.

Yes, at work they are aware of my little experiment, but for lunch I am meeting someone who has impeccable taste…She is aware of my experiment and super cool as well, so it should not be a big deal. I just hope I do not feel too self conscious about my outfit and I can enjoy my favorite fish place in town.

My six-year-old does not have a lot to say about today’s look. That is one of the many things I have learnt so far: kids are unpredictable and just go with the flow. Yesterday I got a very detailed explanation, today just a few sentences:

The top is really cool and sparkly.

The skirt goes with it, because they are both grey.

The shoes are pretty and you NEVER wear them.

The cardigan is very soft and cuddly.

The earrings are small today, so that it is not all too much 🙂

Blue stockings: you had them on yesterday, are not dirty, you can wear them one extra day.

Small purse with car patterns; I know it is not big enough but it is sooooo cute.

Today another taboo of mine is broken: peep toes with stockings…That shows, you never know what life will bring you.

What have I learnt so far?

Kids are bold: they are self-confident and they go for what they want, even if it means running around with a lime green sweater.

Kids are positive: I spent the whole morning yesterday apologizing for my looks. Truth is, half of the people I talked to had not even noticed a difference. A positive attitude is the most attractive piece of clothing you could ever have.

Today has been challenging: the heat, lifting cases of water on high heels, walking up to the recycling container wearing a New Year’s outfit. But I have also learnt a lot and I am looking forward to the days to come…Stay tuned for more fun outfits.

Your Munichmom



Yes, Munichmom pulled it through…Many thought I would not actually go ahead, but I did it.

My 6-year-old is picking my clothes out for the whole week, 7 long, colorful days!

It took a while to find an appropriate week for this experiment; but now that school sign up day is over and colleagues have been warned, we can get started..  Also, the sun is shining and that makes everything better… ( also the fact that for my little one jackets are really just superfluous, unless they look good)

So today it is my first day. Last night it took 45 minutes to choose clothes and accessories, but I had taken that into consideration….This experiment is turning out to be a good learning experience for me. I am happy I can share that with all of you.

Here is how a 6 Year old eloquently explains my outfit.

Leather skirt, in dark red (because that’s mommy’s favorite color)

Silk flowery pink blouse (flowers are great for spring)

Blue Kimono (it is pretty and has flowers on it, match match :), silk feels good on skin)

Massive flower necklace ( I match the flowers on the blouse with a flower necklace )

Pink scarf with little birds pattern (birds love flowers and fly on them 🙂 )

Long violet earrings (they just look good)

Three gold bangles (I like the sound they make when you shook your arm)

Blue stockings (it might be cold)

Black high heels booties (high heels always look good)

Black Clutch (it is very elegant)

Red lipstick (always good)

A blue down jacket (if you are cold mommy, blue looks good with everything)

Munichmom is learning tons, this experiment really is teaching me a lot ….stay tuned for more colorful outfits throughout the whole week.!

Your Munichmom

PS The other half of Munichmom respectfully passes on this experiment due to her over- abundance of Yoga pants, T-shirts and colorful assortment of neon sneakers 😉

Feel Good Friday winner Alma Falk!!


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