Representing my beautiful… The trouble with makeup for women of color in Germany.

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I have lived here in Munich for a little over 3 years now. Outside of the freakishly cold winter,( I’m from the southern parts of the United States so forgive my sensitivity) I absolutely love it here. There is so much available here for my family and I am so lucky to have cultivated very meaningful friendships.

However, there are somethings that as a black woman I find lacking or over-looked here that are very important to women no matter what ethnicity around the world.

Beauty cosmetics. To most women, makeup is usually integral to our daily routine. For me, I love to wear it to finish up my look. The only problem for me here is that my color options are severely limited. I can not go into the local DM and shop for reasonably priced makeup that is remotely anywhere my skin tone. My skin tone is not represented and that of many other women of color. I have to go to expensive lengths to get makeup for my skin tone.


Not much of a selection for darker skintones

I do have one option available to me here. It’s MAC makeup. They do have a more extensive shade selection. The problem is that MAC makeup causes me to suffer breakouts and occasionally cast an orange shade to my skin. I usually have to stock up on foundations and powders when I travel back home to North Carolina, or travel to Paris or London where I can buy several brands of makeup specifically for Women of color.

Recently I reached out to Munich based makeup artist Anatasia Onishko.

Makeup Artist Anastasia Onishko

Makeup Artist Anastasia Onishko

It was by chance that I found out about her. She was trying to find women of color to makeover and photograph for her portfolio. She was looking for the whole spectrum of skin tones to work with to broaden her makeup application expertise, which I find commendable. I took to the time to look through her work, and I was really impressed with her skill as a MUA (Makeup Artist) A few weeks ago I sat down with Anatasia for a for a makeup session.

She is a graduate of Lily Meets Lola Makeup Artistry school. She took time to consult with me about my skin tone and then with her Lily Meets Lola foundation, she created my perfect foundation to match my skin. It really felt good to have that amount of attention paid to my skin. She mixed and matched and mixed and matched again to get it just right. I truly appreciated her efforts to get a perfect match, instead of a close enough match. So now I have a new option with my makeup concerns. When I want to look special, I know that I can call on Anastasia to get the job done right. (checkout some of her work here)

That still leaves the problem of not having the convenience of going to my local drug store to get a cheap makeup that matches my skin tone. Or being able to have local access to the makeup brands that cater to women of color.

 So what’s the solution to this problem? Women of all colors need to feel empowered and beautiful first on the inside, and then on the outside, but what are major cosmetic companies telling us? Are they saying that beauty stops at this shade and doesn’t include us?

I would like the makeup industry to pay attention and realize that all women would like their beauty recognized. Or maybe the German cosmetic retail industry will realize that they can order the full range of shades from Covergirl and Maybelline that includes the darker skin tones and still be profitable……….(Steps off Soapbox)


Fortunately for me I have found my perfect match in foundation after much searching.

pro pic1

Kiki Walden–

For those of you who are interested in working with Anatasia Onishko please find her info below


Feel Good Friday with Inbal Drukker

feel good

Yesterday was another round of Feel Good Friday. It has become one of my favorite things to do 🙂

It was such a treat to meet with the incredibly sweet Inbal Drukker, our newest winner. She is a recent transplant to Munich from Israel. She is a married mother of three children. Inbal just celebrated a birthday, so this was perfect timing.

I met Inbal for her morning appointment at Salon Pauli ( That day was a bit different because our usual stylist was unfortunately sick, so we moved forward with another. Svea a hair stylist of 13 years(some of those years spent in a salon in Paris) was more than up to the task. She was extremely friendly,helpful and totally capable of creating Inbal’s desired style.

I must admit this was a very exciting  session. When we first started, Inbal had decided on just a wash, mask treatment, trim and styling. However after Svea cut the first half-inch, Inbal decided she wanted a more drastic change. She ended up having 4 more inches cut off. She is going to Israel to visit family for a few weeks and she wanted to surprise them with a new look. Inbal has very fine, light blonde, but when the session was over she ended up with a very stylish, sophisticated bob that had volume and fullness. Check it out!!! I was so delighted for her.

Kosmed for your Spring Skin rejuvenation… Take 2


My visit to KOSMED was made special by the professional and kind staff who took the time to explain details to me which, might have possibly been self-explanatory to others…Also the fact that Kosmed is a cosmetic dermatologic center, which works in collaboration with doctors from the Dermatologie am Dom, (the dermatologist office situated in the same building), lifted any doubt I could ever have had, of a gone bad peeling.

After my skin was thoroughly cleansed, it underwent a jet peeling. This treatment, combines microdermabrasion with a very powerful jet stream of water. The jet stream boosts the already positive effects of the microdermabrasion by getting into the pores and cleaning away dead skin cells, with an added hydrating effect. The session was not painful at all, it just took me a bit to get used to the water stream and figure out how to breathe steadily. After the peeling I got an extra fruit acid lotion and a very generous serving of sun screen (50 SPF)is

During the treatment I asked Ms Pollner, the lovely woman who took care of me, dozens of questions about sun screen for kids and adults, taking care of sun spots, how to get rid of old and new scars…I finally felt that someone had taken the time to talk to me, as usually when I am at the doctor there seems to be a 5 minute time span for questions.

The lovely staff at KOSMED liked the idea of Munichomom experimenting with sun screen lotions (yes, we are testing kid’s sun lotions!!!) and generously provided me with numerous samples.

The result of my treatment? Exactly was I was looking for….A thoroughly plumper, refreshed, younger skin. My skin felt and looked much smoother than before and through the added hydration looked plumper, younger, healthier. Healthy, that is the word that I am looking for…I was not looking for a dramatic change, I was not hoping for strangers to tell me I looked different…But I did look fresher, more rested and my skin did look younger. I was impressed by this treatment because I, personally, did see and feel a change in my skin which lasted for many days after my treatment.

If you are looking for a non intrusive treatment to start the season, I can only recommend a Jet streaming session at KOSMED and yes….say that Munichmom sent you!!!

Your Munichmom

PS Not sure which sun screen lotion to buy for your children? Undecided before you give out 25 Euros for a bottle of sun screen? Munichmom has tested numerous sun screens for you, from the most inexpensive to the fancy schmancy ones!!!

Kosmed for your Spring Skin rejuvenation

It was a long and brutal winter. Everyone can agree on that. My skin, which is a very sensitive combination of dry, oily and “Break outs galore” were in need of some tender love and care after the harsh cold weather. I have to tread lightly with my skin all of the time. I have to keep to a routine my skin turns against me. I am very careful with my skin care regimen am a woman of color, so I try to look for products that are specifically targeted to me. However I have been a long time user of the wallet friendly brand of Oil of Olay. Recently I, and my munichmom bestie got a chance to visit Kosmed to get some Spring- time skin rejuvenation. I was excited because my skin was looking really parched.

Kosmed is a cosmetic dermatology and laser center that is a staple in Munich.  It’s location in Marienplatz makes it highly accessible and convenient. Kosmed offers a variety of treatments for all skin types, from the hands, feet, face and body. You will be sure to find something that is complimentary to you.

I met with cosmetic beautician Julia. I speak little German, and she speaks a little English. Together we laughed and chatted our way through the entire process. We mostly understood each other 🙂 We began with a gentle massage with a cleansing milk moisturizer to get my face prepped for my fruit acid peel. 

I must admit, I was a bit wary of the peel. I had one before and it burned like the 7th level of HELL!! However with Julia, this was not the case! No burning, not even a tingle. The only part of session that got a rise out of me is the cool jet stream of air that was used to removing the peeling agent. I am extremely ticklish and I laughed through all 3 minutes of it. Next came the extraction. The dreaded moment when you realize you had sooooooo many pimples….. Le sigh…..

Finally I received a very nice moisturizing cream that made my face feel fantastic. I looked in the mirror and could totally see a difference. My face look so clear and hydrated.  Now several days later, my skin still looks good. If you have not yet treated your face to a little Spring Rejuvenation, I recommend that you give Kosmed a try. Come back tomorrow for the second half of the story.

Your Munichmom

Don’t forget the Daddies

Munichmom's gift idea list for Father's day is here!!!

On top of our list is a good old visit to the barber shop. You have a 
choice from a traditional visit, just like you remember your dad doing 
in the old days, to a fancy place or to a trendy one. 
Munichmom gives you a list with 
various degree of coolness ( watch out, some daddies might be 
intimidated by too much coolness)

Now, whether your special man has baby smooth skin, 
a 5 o'clock shadow or face rug worthy of  worship, 
he will be able to truly appreciate a 
trip to any of these spots for 'Manpreciation'

Barber House, Pacelli St

Pretty stylish and cool. Daddy can choose amongst cool packages like the 
Steve McQueen package, the Dude package or the Kojack Package :)
They use Marvis and other great products, check this out!!!

Coskuns , various locations

You never go wrong with a traditional Turkish style men's wellness package.
Best things? THose eyebrow will be plucked by hand!!
Munichom recommends the Wienerplatz location, have a drink at Celebrita' 

Bash Club

Too cool for school! This super trendy barber salon has been in the 
media since its opening...
Be ready to have a hipster hairdresser take care of your mane and beard!
The location on Augustentrasse is worth having a look at. Very Berlin, 
may I say.....

Hope this helps!
Your Munichmom

Feel Good Friday winner Alma Falk!!


Meet Alma Falk. She is February’s 1st Winner of Feel Good Friday!! Munichmom must admit we are pretty impressed with these beautiful hairstyles that have  us both feeling like rejuvenating ourselves too.



Check out the photos for Alma’s visit to Antonio Francisco Gonzales for her Feel Good Friday win at Salon Pauli. Alma has such long beautiful, curly hair, so it was great to see her transformation! Take a look for yourself. Continue reading