Capture Fall with Mini Photo Sessions

The days are getting shorter and the nights chillier as fall descends. Leaves are changing into beautiful colors. It’s a wonderful time to be living and loving in in Munich. Fall or Autumn is my favorite season. It is were all my best shoes and clothes live ;).

Fall creates the perfect scenery for photos. That’s where our super talented partner Photographer Kristin Speed comes in. She is offering special Fall mini-photo sessions on October the 18th. The sessions will last 30 mins. It’s perfect for families with little kids, couples or individuals who just want a few gorgeous photos. And for those of you thinking about Christmas already, these photos are great to use for your yearly Holiday cards or even presents for grandmas and grandpas, aunts & uncles, etc. Spots are limited so be sure to book early!

To contact Kristin see info below

Your friendly guide to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is upon us, bring on the pretzels, rounds of unusually large mugs of beer, roves of unstable drunken teenagers and lost tourists. I love this time of year… It’s great!!! We would like to provide you with a brief schedule of important events.

Leading up to and during Oktoberfest we will post tips and tricks to survive this event in spectacular fashion. If you are a veteran of this grand show please leave us your wisdom in the comments section. We will probably add those golden nuggets in following posts. If you are a newbie, take heed to the advice or just ignore us drunk oktoberfestcompletely. Either way we at Munichmom are here to have fun. Continue reading

Entertainment Roundup…. Sommernachtstraum

On July 25th Munichmom enjoyed a full day and night of food, drinks(mojitos in particular)a fantastic fireworks show, and lots of great live music at Sommernachtstraum. The event to place at Olympia park. We covered the event as press and was able to be front stage for all of the acts. Of course Billy Idol was our favorite,  but Revolverheld definitely impressed us too!! There was lots of singing off-key, and flower child hippie dancing done by me and I am not afraid to admit it 😉 If you did not get a chance to be there in person, please feel free to live vicariously through the awesome photos brought to you by friend of the blog, Robin Keller of Robin Keller photography(



Do you want to slide with us?


Who remembers ‘slip n slide’? If you are American, then there is a 99% chance that you have memories of hot summers spent running, jumping and sliding on a wet piece of rubber in your backyard. If you did not have a pool, then this was the highlight of your day. Well for all of you adults who have lingering feeling about this awesome American past time, fear not. We have the over grown adult version coming to Munich and I am excited.

Coming to Munich this summer is ‘Slide City Munich’ The oversized version of the American Slip n Slide. It is a tour that will visit 9 countries. Munich is one of 6 German cities chosen to participate.

The location this year will be in Olympia Park. Along with the sliding activities, there will be music, fun and games, cool drinks and food

Ticket prices are  € 20 to be slipped for 2 hours, Sightseers are naturally free of charge and  invited to view this unique spectacle in dry conditions

The slide will be 500m long and will be open from 12 noon to 8:00pm June 26th and June 28th.

The City Slide is built on rubber mats, so you may remain injury free while executing the most epic body slides:)

This event has no age limit. Families, children, adolescents and adults are

equally welcome.

Now you know we love to give things away. It’s our favorite pastime. From today until May 29th you can enter the our contest to win tickets. We will choose two people who will receive 2 tickets each. To enter you must either like on Facebook or follow the blog by clicking the follow button on our blog:) Very simple.

Good Luck!!!


Facebook Latest News gibt es auf der CITY SLIDE MÜNCHEN Fanpage

Update on Fundraiser for Daniela

This weekend Munichmom was able to see good hearts, and positivity in action and we are glad to have been able to witness it. Last week we brought your attention to the story of a special girl named Daniela, a 9-year old girl who lives in Moldova, was born with Down Syndrome and has a heart problem.

She needs surgery to correct this problem, however she does not have access to this surgery in her country. She needs 20,000€ to pay for her surgery and her family does not have the money. Finding out about that need prompted some wonderful photographers in Munich to come up with wonderful idea to help raise the money for this much-needed surgery.

This past Sunday on April,19th in the Hofgarten these photographers offered mini Spring photo sessions for 80 euros.

24 families participated in this event. They were able to take photographs with each individual photographer in 4 different locations in the Hofgarten. So while getting photographed they also got to take a nice stroll through the area. It was a beautiful day that lead to many gorgeous photos.

This weekend we were able to raise 1880 euros. ALL of the funds will go towards Daniela’s operation. Next week we will have a huge story featuring this fundraiser and other activities that are being done to reach the goal. Until then, you will have to be satisfied with this sneak peek featuring two adorable babies named Cat and Sienna. Hope you can deal with the cuteness overload.

Your Munichmom

Fruehlings Fest is here, so is the rain……….


Today marks the beginning of Fruehlings Fest!!! Lots of fun for everyone for the next 2 weeks. Here is the weekend round-up for all of you who plan on attending!!!!

Grand Opening 04.17.2015

2:30 pm

Official opening ceremonies at the „Zirkusspitz“ above the Theresienwiese

The best beer in the world: free beer, sponsored by the breweries Augustiner, Paulaner and Spaten. The first 100 guests will get served the beer in the 2015 collectors mug and can keep the mug (also free).

3:00 pm
Parade to the Theresienwiese, including all participants, vendors in a festive coach. Followed by the horse-drawn brewer’s cart carriages of the three breweries and all the beer tent bands.

At the entrance the beer tent bands will perform a concert. Traditionally Sepp Hohenleitner with his „Böllerschützen“ will shoot with mini hand-cannons into the air.







14:30 clock


Meeting point circus Spitz

Opening ceremony, parade, gun shooters shooting opening, tapping in the Festhalle Bayernland







07:00 – 17:00 clock


Giant Flea Market of BRK







10:00 – 17:00 clock


11:00 clock


ACM Oldtimertreffen


Parade through the festival grounds


Munichmom call to action!!!

Munichmom would like to bring to your attention a very good cause, and hopefully inspire you to act. We were recently informed of the plight of  Daniela, a 9-year old girl who lives in Moldova, was born with Down Syndrome and has a heart problem. She needs surgery to correct this problem, however she does not have access to this surgery in her country. She needs 20,000€ to pay for her surgery and her family does not have the money. The story could end there with, but the world is full of kind-hearted people like Robin Keller and Oli Beer two local Munich based photographers. They with the help of other local photographers have created a fundraiser to help Daniela get the money needed to pay for her heart surgery.

This Sunday April 19th at the Hofgarten in Munich, this humanitarian group of photographers will be offering Spring photo mini-sessions for 80 euros. ALL proceeds will go to Daniela’s surgery. Munichmom will be there with our families to support this cause. We hope that your hearts will lead you to do the same.


For more information and the full story of Daniela, click the link : or:



To book your session click this link:


Highlights from Expat in the city!!



Yesterday on March 22nd Munichmom was able to attend the 1st ” Expat in the City” event here in Munich. It was sponsored by Expat Agents a group that was established by Elisabeth Egger & Barbara Bijvank in order to serve expats and their families living and working in Munich. It is their mission to support and accompany, guide and help Munich’s new citizens to settle in their new environment. Continue reading