The best brunch experience in Munich at The Charles Hotel

If you have been reading our blog for a while, then you understand that a lot of our time,  thoughts and energy revolve around food. Good food in particular. What is the point of wasting your time on bad cuisine?

Brunch is a really fun dining experience for me. Caught perfectly between breakfast and lunch, offering you a variety of food that can please what ever particular craving or mood that you may be in. A very good spot that in my personal opinion offers the best brunch in Munich is the Charles Hotel.

I had the opportunity to experience a full brunch last May and then again for a special Easter themed brunch this past April. Both times were amazing. I went again with friends on July 19th and I was amazed for the third time with the menu, service and relaxing atmosphere.

The Charles Hotel serves an extensive breakfast every Sunday that is already worth it, however several times throughout the year, they have an extensive themed brunch. This is the brunch that you don’t want to miss….EVER!

I spoke several weeks ago with Viktoria Schuenemann, The Director of Food and Beverage at the hotel. I explained that Munichmom were fans of the brunch and that we wanted to know when the next one was scheduled. I am glad that we reached out to her, bc she was a fountain of information. She has been working hard with staff to ensure that the brunch is a successful. I’m happy to say that she has achieved her goal.


Viktoria Schuenemann Director of Food and Beverage at The Charles Hotel

She told us about the brunch that we attended and the upcoming brunches. You guys really should be excited! There are so many impressive things already happening at the hotel. With many things planned for the future!!

Just to whet your appetite a bit, here is what we got to dine on… As usual, the normal breakfast brunch was open, which is the  endless buffet of artisan breads, cheeses and meats. Bratwurst, eggs and bacon are also included. As well as a fruit bar and various muesli and joghurts.There are a variety of jams and marmalade. You are treated to muffins, cakes and breakfast desserts.  You are able to order delicious pancakes, waffles, french toast and omelette off the menu. The pancakes and waffles are some of the best that I have had here. Also the syrup is authentic maple syrup (not to be confused with horrible watery ahorn-syrup that commonly ruins the pancake experience in Germany).

Moving on to the grill specialties of the BBQ Brunch, we were able to sample from  Nicoise  salad, couscous with tomato, cucumbers and mint, Caesar salad, Burrata with tomato and Basil and Gazpacho.

Main menu included  your choice of grilled entrecote, chicken breast with a yoghurt marinade and Black Tiger Prawns. Grilled goat cheese and  Mediterranean vegetables were available too.


For dessert, we treated ourselves to Rosemary ice-cream topped with marinated strawberries and Weinberg peaches. So different and delicious. Beverages included an endless supply of white/red wine, coffees,teas, freshly pressed juices and infused water.


All of this fine dining was made even more charming and relaxing by the piano player who was non-stop in his effort to provide ambiance and entertainment

One very important thing that I always look for when dining is the staff who are working together to serve you. I appreciate excellent staff, and I like to speak about it when I encounter it. The Charles Hotel has some of the most friendly and professional staff. I spent time chatting with a lot of them, bc a great dining experience is not just the food, but also the people who work hard to ensure that you have been taken care of.

They really enjoy what they do, and they have the distinction of doing it extremely well. They are such an organized unit. Speaking with Julia Reinhold our server for that afternoon was a pleasure. She has been with the Charles Hotel for 6 years now after studying to begin her career in her profession. She spoke passionately about her job. You could tell she enjoyed working there because of the care that she took. She really made us feel welcome.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to try out the next brunch in September. Of course the theme will be Oktoberfest;) Munichmom will be there. We hope you will too.


Please call ahead to reserve your table. They have filled up quickly the last two times we attended. Also there is a kids club available for the younger ones while you dine.  Be on the lookout for more to come from The Charles Hotel. They have many things planned for the upcoming fall and winter season.



Your Munichmom

This time I was the last to know.

Munichmom is not amused. There were times when I knew exactly all about trends, what was in, what was out. I always found that game amusing and I gave myself the right to play it or, at times, to just do my own thing. In terms of culinary experiences, though, I always tried everything and was ahead of my game…From lychee martinis to Belgian pommes frites fried in duck fat (there was a time when New Yorkers would swarm for anything fried in duck fat, go figure…). So how did I not know about Açai ( pronounced [aˌsaˈi]) , the new wonder fruit? The precious berry from Brazil, which has high anti-oxidant powers, is a vitamin bomb and has proven to help weight loss? The Açai vitamin supplement, was in fact known to me, but I had never tried an Açai bowl, that is to say the pure fruit pureed with other fruits and served with granola and other toppings. Açai is one of the new culinary trends in the States and, yes, is available here in Munich as well. Daddy Longlegs is the only place in Munich, so far, which serves Açai. This small and cute café in Schwabing/Maxvorstadt, has been the talk of town for serving the one and only Açai bowl in Munich. Munichmom had to taste it and is happy to say that healthy does sometimes taste good as well. The delicious fruit and granola bowl looks and tastes very fresh. The Açai berry is pureed with bananas and other fruits, and served in a bowl to which you can add many different toppings, like almonds and coconut flakes. The Açai berry has somewhat of a nutty taste, but it harmonizes wonderfully with the rest of the fruit. The bowl, which cost me a steep 8.10 Euros, has a very filling effect (I had to take the half to go). The staff is very friendly and…..used to the constant mispronunciation of the word Açai! Go ahead, have a bowl!!!!!

PS Munichmom tip: Daddy longlegs is situated across from the Alte Pinakotheke. Go ahead and plan a short visit to the museum, pick up an Açai bowl ‘to go’ and head for the playground across the street. Breath in and enjoy the amazing berry from Brazil!

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Congrats to our Cupcake contest winner



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FYI!!!!! The New year always brings about changes. Wir Machen Cupcakes has new hours. Now open Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 6pm

Wir Machen Cupcakes….. I think I’m in love!!!


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WELCOME, you endless hours of sleep, WELCOME, all of you tasty morsels of sensational goodness!

I worshipped at the temple of food for days and weeks at a time. Committed to being the most zealous food worshipper in Europe, I pushed the limits, nearing the borders of an actual food induced coma.

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Zuckertag sneak peak


Coming up on Friday November 7th, we will feature our first story on in our Spotlight On section. In this section we will have interviews with and highlight the incredible businesses and people that make up this grand city. We want you to really get to know your city and the people who are making a difference in it.

Our first interview will be with Natalie Bendit, the creator and owner of Zuckertag, a flexible childcare center. We recently had a nice sit-down with this extremely nice and down-to earth woman. We look forward to sharing her incredible story with you!