15 Ideas to make your Halloween Party a hit

halloween pro

Munichmom is turning 1( que the balloons and confetti) We went live with our first post on October 31st 2014.  As you can guess, our first articles were all about Halloween. We were in the “spirit” so we went with it 🙂

Now that my favorite holiday has rolled around again, we shall keep the tradition going and bring you all the information that you can handle about upcoming parties for kids, and adults. We will give you helpful decorating ideas, recipes and lots of DIY everything.

First in our 3 week-long spooky series is…………………

Ideas to make your very on Halloween party a hit with spectacular decorations

  1. Mummy Jars
Found on dailysavings.allyou.com

Found on dailysavings.allyou.com

2. Spooky Apothecary Jars: http://bit.ly/1j7iwnA

3 Pumpkin Party Cooler: http://bit.ly/1KZsEbK

4. Candy Filled place cards: http://bit.ly/1JS0POz


5. Bloody Candles: http://bit.ly/1LhIgJ5





6. Pumpkin Fondu: http://bit.ly/1Olf1rj

7.Black sugar rimmed drinks: http://etsy.me/1NmnGto

8. Painted and stenciled Pumpkins

9. Black Lace votive candles


Found on cfabbridesigns.com

10. Spooky Food labels: http://bit.ly/1OleoOg


Found on elebrationsathomeblog.com

11. Witches Legs: http://bit.ly/1Ly60L3

12. Spooky Glow in the dark eyes: http://bit.ly/1KZymKG


Found on juxtapost.com


13. Witch Legged Tables: http://bit.ly/1VDkCxs



14. Glass  bottle candle holders


Found on stylemepretty.com

15. Screen printed napkins: http://bit.ly/1FWEx36

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