First Day of School Madness!!!!!


einschulungstorte1-689x459As I told a friend of mine, back in January, that due to the distance, my parents were not able to make our daughter’s first day of school, 
she stared back at me with huge eyes and said: ‘ Oh, really’?
That got me. Really.

At that point I was not aware of the importance of a child’s  first day of school  in Germany and  the celebrations which go around this very special day. So, I picked up the phone and called my parents. My second call was to the best restaurant near our school  and, believe it or not,  I was not the first who
had booked a table for the 15th of September 2015, in January 2015.

The first day of school is a big  celebration in Germany.  Friends and family accompany the child to school on this very first day and help him/her carry the infamous  Schultüte ( a gigantic cone made of carton which contains sweets and presents). Typically grandparents, godmothers and godfathers, aunts and uncles and other members of the family are invited. Special friends or care takers also do not wish to miss this big day.

Whether or not one agrees on making such a big fuss on this day, I feel blessed to have my family and friends around me as my daughter starts this new chapter of her life and I see the pride in her eyes  when we talk about her being a school kid in just a few days.

Both Munichmoms this year have their  hands full with making their  daughters’  first day of school special.
After lunch,  impress your friends and family with a very easy recipe for a schultüte cake.

Enjoy !!!

PS: If you want to go all the way, plan ahead and hire a photographer for your child’s big day! That way you will be sure that all members of the family are indeed on film 🙂

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