BLB……. A great burger experience.

After having heard so many great things about BLB(Burger & Lobster Bank), Munichmom decided to book a table and explore on its own. As we approached the venue, we spotted a few customers taking a break outside, telephoning or meeting up with friends and we understood that, the clientele@ BLB is, indeed, an experience of its own 😉

Upon entering the restaurant we saw that Munich’s bold and beautiful did indeed dine at this establishment. It was hipster trendy, with lots of beards and man buns to go around.

While waiting for our reserved table, we were served a much awaited portion of attitude from the host,  which we served back with an added extra, as protocol calls.

After all rules of protocol were taken care of, we were kindly served to our table and our culinary experienced started.

Our waiter was excellent. He was friendly and helpful while talking us through the drink menu. We were looking for something good and a bit different from our usual glasses of white wine. He helped us settle on some delicious cocktails.

For dinner we showed how alike we are and ordered ” The American” for ourselves. A burger that was hopefully going to get us to the delicious tastes of home. It did not disappoint! The huge burger patty boasted toppings of onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce on a butter soft bun. It was a served to us with a small sided salad and our choice of regular fries and sweet potato fries. The fries alone made us forgive them for the attitude at the door. I would say that we both would try this burger joint again. It truly offers authentic, delicious and quality food.

If you are indeed on the search for a good burger, then you must give BLB a try. I would recommend that make a reservation. It’s a newer restaurant so it can be hard to just walk in and get a table.

PS. This is not a sponsored review. Munichmom consists of two foodies who used their own coins to give our readers an honest opinion.

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