Kosmed for your Spring Skin rejuvenation… Take 2


My visit to KOSMED was made special by the professional and kind staff who took the time to explain details to me which, might have possibly been self-explanatory to others…Also the fact that Kosmed is a cosmetic dermatologic center, which works in collaboration with doctors from the Dermatologie am Dom, (the dermatologist office situated in the same building), lifted any doubt I could ever have had, of a gone bad peeling.

After my skin was thoroughly cleansed, it underwent a jet peeling. This treatment, combines microdermabrasion with a very powerful jet stream of water. The jet stream boosts the already positive effects of the microdermabrasion by getting into the pores and cleaning away dead skin cells, with an added hydrating effect. The session was not painful at all, it just took me a bit to get used to the water stream and figure out how to breathe steadily. After the peeling I got an extra fruit acid lotion and a very generous serving of sun screen (50 SPF)is

During the treatment I asked Ms Pollner, the lovely woman who took care of me, dozens of questions about sun screen for kids and adults, taking care of sun spots, how to get rid of old and new scars…I finally felt that someone had taken the time to talk to me, as usually when I am at the doctor there seems to be a 5 minute time span for questions.

The lovely staff at KOSMED liked the idea of Munichomom experimenting with sun screen lotions (yes, we are testing kid’s sun lotions!!!) and generously provided me with numerous samples.

The result of my treatment? Exactly was I was looking for….A thoroughly plumper, refreshed, younger skin. My skin felt and looked much smoother than before and through the added hydration looked plumper, younger, healthier. Healthy, that is the word that I am looking for…I was not looking for a dramatic change, I was not hoping for strangers to tell me I looked different…But I did look fresher, more rested and my skin did look younger. I was impressed by this treatment because I, personally, did see and feel a change in my skin which lasted for many days after my treatment.

If you are looking for a non intrusive treatment to start the season, I can only recommend a Jet streaming session at KOSMED and yes….say that Munichmom sent you!!!

Your Munichmom

PS Not sure which sun screen lotion to buy for your children? Undecided before you give out 25 Euros for a bottle of sun screen? Munichmom has tested numerous sun screens for you, from the most inexpensive to the fancy schmancy ones!!!

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