Kosmed for your Spring Skin rejuvenation

It was a long and brutal winter. Everyone can agree on that. My skin, which is a very sensitive combination of dry, oily and “Break outs galore” were in need of some tender love and care after the harsh cold weather. I have to tread lightly with my skin all of the time. I have to keep to a routine my skin turns against me. I am very careful with my skin care regimen am a woman of color, so I try to look for products that are specifically targeted to me. However I have been a long time user of the wallet friendly brand of Oil of Olay. Recently I, and my munichmom bestie got a chance to visit Kosmed to get some Spring- time skin rejuvenation. I was excited because my skin was looking really parched.

Kosmed is a cosmetic dermatology and laser center that is a staple in Munich.  It’s location in Marienplatz makes it highly accessible and convenient. Kosmed offers a variety of treatments for all skin types, from the hands, feet, face and body. You will be sure to find something that is complimentary to you.

I met with cosmetic beautician Julia. I speak little German, and she speaks a little English. Together we laughed and chatted our way through the entire process. We mostly understood each other 🙂 We began with a gentle massage with a cleansing milk moisturizer to get my face prepped for my fruit acid peel. 

I must admit, I was a bit wary of the peel. I had one before and it burned like the 7th level of HELL!! However with Julia, this was not the case! No burning, not even a tingle. The only part of session that got a rise out of me is the cool jet stream of air that was used to removing the peeling agent. I am extremely ticklish and I laughed through all 3 minutes of it. Next came the extraction. The dreaded moment when you realize you had sooooooo many pimples….. Le sigh…..

Finally I received a very nice moisturizing cream that made my face feel fantastic. I looked in the mirror and could totally see a difference. My face look so clear and hydrated.  Now several days later, my skin still looks good. If you have not yet treated your face to a little Spring Rejuvenation, I recommend that you give Kosmed a try. Come back tomorrow for the second half of the story.

Your Munichmom

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