Don’t forget the Daddies

Munichmom's gift idea list for Father's day is here!!!

On top of our list is a good old visit to the barber shop. You have a 
choice from a traditional visit, just like you remember your dad doing 
in the old days, to a fancy place or to a trendy one. 
Munichmom gives you a list with 
various degree of coolness ( watch out, some daddies might be 
intimidated by too much coolness)

Now, whether your special man has baby smooth skin, 
a 5 o'clock shadow or face rug worthy of  worship, 
he will be able to truly appreciate a 
trip to any of these spots for 'Manpreciation'

Barber House, Pacelli St

Pretty stylish and cool. Daddy can choose amongst cool packages like the 
Steve McQueen package, the Dude package or the Kojack Package :)
They use Marvis and other great products, check this out!!!

Coskuns , various locations

You never go wrong with a traditional Turkish style men's wellness package.
Best things? THose eyebrow will be plucked by hand!!
Munichom recommends the Wienerplatz location, have a drink at Celebrita' 

Bash Club

Too cool for school! This super trendy barber salon has been in the 
media since its opening...
Be ready to have a hipster hairdresser take care of your mane and beard!
The location on Augustentrasse is worth having a look at. Very Berlin, 
may I say.....

Hope this helps!
Your Munichmom

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