I came, I saw, I had a blast at Cookasa!!!!


A while ago back in February we wrote to you all about a very cool platform combining two of my favorite things. Meeting new people and cooking delicious food. It is called Cookasa and we are glad to have found out about it!

The idea behind Cookasa is to gather a group of people, usually four to eight people who have not met before, share an evening and get to cook together. The identities of the team members are kept secret until the day before. You can choose to host an event, in which case you solely supply your kitchen and your dining table, or you can choose to be one of the many guests, who are responsible for ingredients ( costs will be shared by all guests).

The two of us at Munichmom thought that it would be great for us to sign up and try it out. In April Cookasa hosted an event in Munich. Two homes were selected. This time we two decided to split up and cover both dinners. I had such a good time at my event that I decided to strong arm my partner into letting me write about my experience 🙂

The day before the event I found out that I was one of the organizers and  I was alerted of the host and his address. Later that evening I was contacted by Patrick, another attendee of the event. He called so that we could plan the meal for the dinner and discuss where to meet so that we could grocery shop together.

We decided on a nice pesto pasta dish, since there was a vegetarian in the group. On the day of the dinner, Patrick and I met at the grocery store to buy the ingredients for dinner and made our way to the home of our host. We were a bit early so we sat in the courtyard and chatted a bit. As it turns out, we both work in the world of IT project management.

We finally made our way up to De long, our host for the evening. We introduced ourselves and made small talk while we set up the kitchen to prepare for cooking. Jerome and Desiree, the other two participant arrived a short time later and we got down to the business of preparing the meal.

This situation was really fun and unexpected. We all had a nice time talking and getting to know each other while getting dinner ready. As it turns out we were all transplants to Munich. The conversation was lively and touched on our careers, where we grew up, places we traveled and Oktoberfest 🙂

Cookasa turned out great for me. I had really a good time. I highly recommend it to you all as an adventurous way to meet new people. I definitely look forward to doing this again.

Should you like to try it out for yourself you can find all the information you need through this link: http://www.cookasa.com/de

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